Photo Impact® Pro 13

Complete Digital Photography and Image Editing Suite

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Photo Impact<sup>®</sup> Pro 13

  • ExpressFixTM easily corrects any photo flaws!
  • 250+ Special Effects included
  • Powerful 3D text, Graphics, Morphing and more
  • Burn CD Television slide shows
  • Over $250 in bonuses!

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90 Day Money Back Guarantee Secure Online Ordering. Our Systems are tested by HackerGuardian and secured by SSL Secure Online Ordering

THE ideal choice for digital photography, creative design and web graphics in one powerful suite, Photo Impact® Pro 13 gives you everything needed to organize, edit, manage and share digital photos and more!

Whether you're new to digital photography or a seasoned professional, you'll appreciate the award-winning power and flexibility of Photo Impact Pro. It not only delivers state-of-the-art image editing and high-end photo filters for enthusiasts, but also caters to first-time users with an improved Basic Mode, plus 1,500+ photorealistic scrapbook embellishments. Photo Impact Pro offers dozens of other new features including RAW File Support, White Balance Correction, and the revolutionary SmartRemove Scene Compositor to create a perfect image by combining the best elements of several photos.

Easily Import, Browse, Edit & Share Back to the top

Basic Photo Mode

Casual users can get started fast with Basic Photo Mode's intuitive welcome screen, user-friendly icons and condensed tool set in one simple interface!


Digital Camera Image Import Wizard
Access images from any camera in just 1-Step.

Digital Camera Image Import Wizard
Digital Camera Image

PhotoImpact automatically detects digital cameras and card readers.


Let Lightning-fast Browse Manager do the work for you!

Create thumbnails of images and only re-scans when the image has been edited. The 2nd time you open a folder, you'll instantly see your photos! You can even directly applyEasyPalette effects and filters in the Browse Manager.


The Browse Manager
The Browse Manager

See your photos instantly.



Easily crop photos to bring the audience closer to your subject.

Remove Red Eye

1-Click red eye removal even corrects the unrealistic yellow or green eyes often found in pet photos!

Turn ordinary photos into photos that pop!


The exclusive ExpressfixTM Wizard eliminates the guesswork that comes with fixing common photo problems. It automatically analyzes photos and presents options to improve and enhance image color, exposure, focus and even skin texture!


Crop Tool
The Crop Tool brings your audience closerRed Eye
Remove Red Eye - all it takes is one click!




E-mail automatically optimizes images and exports them as e-mail attachments for instant sharing.


Great creative and paper-saving output options! The Print Multiple feature provides 200+ preset layouts for full paper space use, plus allows you to print multiple images on a single sheet of paper using standard photo, card, tag, or CD label sizes! What's more, you can make a single image span multiple pages with the fun Print Poster feature!


Attachments have never been this easy! They open right in your e-mail program.Print
Intuitive Printing Options:
  • Print Multiple
  • 200 Preset Layouts
  • Print Poster
Image Editing Made Easy Back to the top

IMPROVED! Expressfix™ Wizard

Correct Flaws with Ease
Enhanced in Version 13!Photo Impact Pro takes the worry out of photo correction with its exclusive ExpressFix™ Wizard. Correct focus, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, tones and more.

Instant Cropping

These are just a few of the many ways you can perfect your photos with PhotoImpact Pro...

Remove Red-Eye   Brighten Photos
Specify eye color for the perfect picture every time!
Easily correct dimly lit faces.
Correct Color   Restore Old Photos
Breathe life into dull photos.
Remove dust, scratches and blemishes from any photo.
Star Filter   Touch-Up Tool
Add sparkle to images with spectacular highlights.
Remove blemishes and soften skin tones.
Spot Filter   Gaussian Blur
Highlight your subject by adding a blur.
Create attention by taking backgrounds out of focus.
Gradient Filter   Multi-Vision
Intensify colors by blending multiple colors together.
Easily duplicate the subject of your photograph.


  • Motion Blur
  • Zoom Blur
  • Sharpen
  • Reduce Noise
  • Diffraction Filter
  • Duotone Effect
  • Diffuse Glow

Plus, Batch Processing and Much More!

Web Design Back to the top
Web Component Designer

Web Component Designer

Design tailor-made Web pages with hundreds of preconfigured toolbars, buttons and bars.

Javascript Effects Javascript™ Effects

UNIQUE! JavaScript™ Effects

Take advantage of interactive Web page components like cascading menus, rollovers, and scrolling text all without typing a line of code.

Hundreds of Special Effects!

Put PhotoImpact Pro's huge library of still and animated effects to work for you. Effects include...


Cartoon Halftone Soft Haze
Dab Impressionist Spatula
Decoupage Mosaic Tile Splatter
Engraving Pastel Sponge
Etching Pen & Ink Squiggle
Fabric Quills Stone Washed
Faceted Glass Scratch Strings
Finger Paint Screen Watercolored
Frosted Glass Smudge Stroke Weathered
    And Much More!

Particle Effects

Particle Effects

Lighting Effects
Lighting Effects

And Much More
More Effects

Advanced Image Editing Back to the top

Photo Impact offers the broadest range of image-editing tools on the market. Explore, experiment and express yourself with this complete suite of powerful yet easy-to-use tools. Enjoy hours of experimenting with montages, graphic design, Web design, video graphics and more.

Object Extraction Wizard

Just 4 Steps to professional results! Transport friends to exotic places, paint around the edge of any subject, refine and even extract fine details like hair and shadows. Once you try the enhanced and easy-to-use Object Extraction Wizard, you'll be hooked!


NEW! Layer Masks

Want to create a montage? Explore amazing compositing control with nondestructive layer masks! Customize a mask's transparency using painting & gradient tools and enjoy the flexibility of being able to rotate, resize, paint in or paint out masks just like objects. Link and unlink an object to a selection mask so that you can change the object's position and adjust the layer mask's size and properties.


Graphic Design
Drawing Tools

Easily design 2D & 3D objects including editable text, lines, and multi-sided shapes.

True object interaction - Fuse objects together for amazing 3D image depth control that allows objects to interact


EasyPalette UNIQUE!
Thumbnail Effects Library - Explore over 2,500 customizable effects and 800 objects. Simultaneously preview multiple effects instantly!

Easy Palette

Video Graphics
NEW! DVD Menus

Now the EasyPaletteTM comes with DVD backgrounds, buttons, and frames - great for use with any DVD-authoring application! Pick from several professionally designed DVD menus, too!

DVD Menu

NEW! UNIQUE! Lower-Third Graphics

Now you can create customized lower-third graphics with the Component Designer. Great for use with most video-editing applications

Lower-Third Graphics

Experience High-End Image Editing

Your camera is just the beginning. Photo Impact gives digital photography enthusiasts a complete set of industry-standard image editing tools, plus powerful features found NOWHERE ELSE! This software combines image-editing to match today's high-end cameras with trendsetting tools that let you take your digital photography projects even further.

NEW! RAW/DNG support

Open, adjust and convert RAW files.

EHANCED! Photo Explorer with RAW Support 
Now with version 8.6, Photo Explorer includes support for converting and viewing RAW files.

UNIQUE! SmartCurves NEW! 

Powerful new SmartCurves automatically adjusts images to compensate for camera response curve anomalies. SmartCurves use Photo Impact's advanced HDR imaging technology to calibrate custom camera curves. It's pure rocket science. Good thing it's fully automated. You get high-quality tonal correction tailored for your camera and be amazed by the results!

SmartCurvesPhotographers traditionally correct tonal problems using levels, curves (tone maps) and histograms. Evaluating images visually can be hard and adjusting curves manually is very time consuming.


FAST! Batch apply SmartCurves to an entire folder of images.

RAW/DNG Support

16-Bit Support

Edit images in high-quality 16-bit per channel color depth. Features supporting 16-bit per channel editing include:

  • Adjust (Auto)
  • Batch (Auto)
  • Brightness and
  • Color (Auto)
  • Color Adjustment
  • Color Balance
  • Color Cast
  • Contrast
  • Contrast (Auto)
  • Crop (Auto)
  • Curves
  • Enhance (Auto)
  • Equalize
  • Focus (Auto)
  • Gaussian Blur
  • Highlight Midtone Shadow
  • Hue and Saturation
  • Invert
  • Level
  • Levels (Auto)
  • Posterize
  • Reduce Noise
  • Rotate
  • Straighten (Auto)
  • Threshold
  • Unsharp Mask

SmartRemove Scene Compositor

Sometimes it's hard to get a perfect shot without moving people or cars obstructing your view. The revolutionary new SmartRemove feature lets you selectively paint out moving elements from multiple shots of the same scene, so you can compose an image with just the elements you want. But you can also create extraordinary shots. Show your subject in series of poses or create a crowd where there was none. SmartRemove turns the impossible into reality.

Easier-to-Use Interface Back to the top
Photo Project Wizard Back to the top

From flyers to greeting cards, stationery to CD and DVD labels, PhotoImpact Pro offers hundreds of photo projects ideal for virtually every occasion or event. PhotoImpact's new Project Wizard makes it easy to create amazing print projects with your digital photos.



Photo Projects & Scrapbooks!
Photo Projects & Scrapbooks ! Photo Projects & Scrapbooks !
Feature Summary Back to the top

Digital Photography

Capture & Organize

  • Easy Transfer from your digital camera to your PC
  • New! Optimized for High-Resolution Cameras
  • Enhanced! Photo Browsing: Now lightning fast!
  • Still Image Capture from camcorders and web cams
  • Keywords for fast photo searching
  • Photo Archiving

Correct & Enhance

  • Precise Adjustment of lighting, color cast, saturation, skin tone, focus, red eye and more.
  • Scratch Removal
  • Easy Erasing: Remove individual elements in a photo.
  • Rotate, Flip, Straighten and Crop
  • Expert Camera Filters including Moon filter, Sunlight filter, Diffraction filter and Beautify Skin filter
  • Batch Processing lets you convert or fix multiple photos at once.
  • Enhanced! High Dynamic Range brings out real-world luminance.


  • Expanded! Paper-Saving Layouts: Print multiple photos, posters, cards and more.
  • Expanded! 1,500+ Scrapbook Embellishments
  • Improved! TV Slide Shows you can view using a set-top DVD player (VCD format).
  • Web Albums and Slide Shows
  • Screen Savers and Wallpaper.
  • New! Save for Mobile: Easily save photos to display on your mobile phone, PDA, iPod, or PSP®.

Easy to Use!

  • Improved! Basic Mode
  • EasyPalette™ lets you drag-and-drop filter and effect presets.
  • On-Screen Video Tutorial
  • FREE Book: Get tips from the pros with the ultimate guide to digital photography.

Image Editing

Productive Workspace

  • Improved! Basic Mode
  • New! My Workspace: The right tools for every project!
  • Expanded! EasyPalette™ lets you drag-and-drop filter and effect presets.
  • 200 Levels of Undo
  • Direct Select: Select objects on other layers simply by clicking them.

Design Tools

  • Paint Tool: 12 brush types, including Airbrush, Oil Paint and Marker.
  • Clone Tool to duplicate areas within an image.
  • Improved! Object Extraction Wizard: Easily move complex objects to new backgrounds.
  • New! Layer Masks with customized transparency
  • Transform Tool: Resize, Slant, Distort, Perspective and Rotate. Even rotate in Virtual 3D!
  • New! Vignettes: Make portraits stand out with soft-edge oval frames.
  • Dozens of Type Effects
  • Graphics Table Support with pressure-sensitive tools

Special Effects

  • Creative Transform: Distort images freely with your mouse.
  • Lighting Effects: Spotlight, Lens Flare, Halo and more.
  • Material Effects: Simulated Glass, Leather, Creased Paper and other realistic textures.
  • Painting Effects: Oil Paint, Finger Paint, Charcoal and more.
  • New! Soft Edges for striking montages

2D & 3D Graphics

  • Vector Drawing Tools: Create 2D and 3D curves, shapes and lines.
  • Enhanced! On-Screen Text Tool: Edit and format 2D and 3D text directly in the workspace.
  • Bevels: Apply round, chisel, trim, pipe and custom bevels to text or graphics.

Video & Web Graphics

Web Graphics

  • Improved! Component Designer: Buttons, banners, bullets, dividers, icons and more
  • Background Designer: Create auto-tiling backgrounds.
  • Resize Tools: Crop & re-sample images to find the ideal size.
  • JavaScript® Rollovers that remain editable
  • Image Map Tools make it easy to create hot links on any image.
  • Image Optimizer: Show before & after optimization results, images sizes & download times.
  • Image Preview: Show before & after optimization results, image sizes & download times.
  • WYSIWYG Web Page Layout: What you see is what you get!


  • Object-Based Model makes animation easier and more powerful.
  • 300+ Ready-Made GIF Animations
  • Sophisticated Text Handling, including anti-aliasing, shadow, neon and gradient fill effects
  • Round-Trip Image Editing: Edit frames in PhotoImpact Pro, and changes take place immediately with no need to update manually.
  • Output as Animated GIF, Flash (SWF) and more.

JavaScript Effects

  • Interactive Effects: Blink Text, Highlight Text, Pop-up Menu, Rainbow Text, Rollover Text, Vertical Scroll, Status Bar Message and more
  • Javascript Slideshows with no need for coding

Graphics for Video

  • New! Save Images for Video: Output GIF and PNG images with transparent alpha channel layers for video overlays.
  • New! Complete DVD Menu Library
  • Export Animations as AVI, QuickTime and MPEG to include in movies.
$250+ in Bonuses! Back to the top
Bonus Morphing


All you need is one "before" and "after" shot for PhotoImpact Pro's complete morphing program to do the rest! Save your morphs in popular formats to add to videos or to animate web pages

5,000+ Photo Objects
Real Draw Pro

This versatile drawing tool combines professional vector editing, powerful illustration tools and innovative 3D effects into one easy-to-use program.

real Draw Pro

Bonus Filters - $129 Value!
Bonus Filters - $129 Value !

This award-winning software makes every portrait perfect by smoothing skin tones, removing red-eye and even turning frowns into smiles!

Bonus Filters - $129 Value !
Reviews & Awards Back to the top

2008 Bronze Award
"PhotoImpact Pro 13 is a sophisticated photo editing and basic web page design program in one. This product comes with royalty free images, web elements, templates and bonus software. Language is technical and effects professional.

WebUser Magazine, UK
PC Magazine, Singapore
PhotoImpact 11, Recommended
" Perfect for newcomers or shared households, as each workspace can be tailored to each user’s needs. Furthermore, each set is fully customizable, so you can select the functionality that suits you best, including setting up the space for mainly photo editing or say for more web graphic design usage. PhotoImpact 11 is a feature rich photo-editor that’s more than price competitive. Its suite of tools, new RAW support and adaptable workspaces make this an ideal photo image editor."
PC Magazine, December 2005
PC Magazine, Singapore
PC Advisor magazine, UK
Overall 8/10 given
"PhotoImpact is right up there with the likes of Photoshop Elements and PaintShop Pro. And with an easier to use, customizable interface, better support for mid range cameras and more advanced tools such as histograms and Smart Curves, it should definitely appeal to a broader range of photographers"
PC Advisor magazine, December 2005
PC Advisor Gold
PC User Magazine, Australia
Ulead PhotoImpact 10 receives PC User Editor's Choice, Rating: 9.5/10
"…ease of use and low price""…with loads of powerful tools for improving photos, adding cool effects and text, and creating WE pages or print projects of your images.""…if you’re looking for a good affordable image editor mainly for outputting Web graphics, PhotoImpact is the best starting point"
PC User Magazine, July 2005
Top Buy PC User

Entrepreneur Magazine, USA
PhotoImpact 10: Editor’s Pick
"Offering both basic and advanced modes, PhotoImpact ensures that what you see is what you get as you retouch…. And it fits on older desktops better than some competitors."
Entrepreneur Magazine, June 2005

Media & Methods Magazine, USA
PhotoImpact 10 received Media & Methods Magazine 2005 Awards Portfolio
Media & Methods Magazine, May/June 2005
Media & Methods Magazine

PC Magazine, USA
Ulead PhotoImpact 10
Read the Entire Review
PC Magazine, Oct. 29, 2004


Rangefinder Magazine, USA
"The problem is when you start adding…more advanced features, the software price generally increases. Ulead PhotoImpact changes all that by offering a professional-level image editing program that goes beyond the norm."
Read the Entire Review
Rangefinder Magazine, July 2004.

Rangefinder Magazine, USA
4.5 Stars out of 5
"PhotoImpact has always been an exceptional value for the home and business user looking for an all-in-one graphics solution."

Read the Entire Review, 2004
Corporate Media News, USA
"PhotoImpact 10, at $89.95 is arguably the best image editing application in the category in which it competes. The company has spent many years ensuring that the application is powerful, feature laden, and most important in my opinion, easy to use with great results."
Read the Entire Review
Corporate Media News, February 2004
Corporate Media News

PCPhoto, USA
Buyer’s Guide 2004

"(PhotoImpact 8) has all the key photo tools, plus some amazing special effects found nowhere else at this price.”

PCPhoto, December 2003

PC Photo
Technology & Learning, USA
Awards of Excellence 2003

PhotoImpact 8 was honored as one of the best K-12 products of the past year.

Technology & Learning, October 2003
Technology & Learning

PC Magazine, USA
Four Stars

“PhotoImpact's image-editing capabilities are top-notch. ”

PC Magazine, Oct. 29, 2004

PC Magazine, USA
Newsweek, USA
Getting Pixel Perfect

“PhotoImpact lets you arrange your pictures by resolution, which is extremely helpful for, say, getting the two or three pictures of the grand kids that are suitable for 8 x 10 or larger prints.”

Newsweek, August 17, 2003
Newsweek, USA

Entrepreneur, USA
"A simple image-editing program that doesn’t produce simple looking results, PhotoImpact 8.0 offers a range of tools for editing digital photos and creating sophisticated Web graphics, including some drawing tools.”

Entrepreneur, May 2003

Entrepreneur, USA
Computer Shopper, USA
Editors’ Top 5 Software - Editors' Choice Award

Received: 8.8/10

“PhotoImpact 8 offers more useful editing tools for digital photographers and Web graphics than any of its competitors.”
Computer Shopper, April 2003
Computer Shopper, USA
New York Times, USA
Cull, Then Categorize: A Digital Scrapbook


"There is a lot to explore here, but it is well worth the time. With PhotoImpact, you can organize photos into different albums that can also be burned onto a CD. In addition to tools for in-depth color correction and photo retouching, it offers ways to create images from scratch and to isolate and grab pictures from Web sites to insert into other documents you have created."
New York Times, March 6, 2003
New York Times, USA
Animation magazine, USA
PhotoImpact 8 Receives Seal of Excellence Award

"...PhotoImpact was [originally] introduced as an image editing tool following Photoshop's footsteps. Back then some considered it the poor man's version of Photoshop. Young artists who could not afford Adobe's prices were using PhotoImpact. I'm happy to report that PI has certainly come of age and found its own identity. PhotoImpact 8 is an image manipulation package covering almost all the needs of the 21st century artist."

Read the entire review

Animation magazine, December 2002
Animation magazine, USA
Digital Photography Made Easy Magazine, UK
PhotoImpact 8 wins "Gear of the Year Award in Digital Photography"

"The last six months has seen the release of two big hitting photo editors- PhotoImpact and Photoshop Elements. While Elements 2.0 is a great upgrade from version 1.0, the range of tools and special effects in PI8 make it instantly more accessible and relevant to digital photographers. This offering is a spectacular editing programme that beats the others hands down. Our congratulations go to [the developer of PhotoImpact] for producing a professional, useable and affordable photo editing package"

Digital Photography Made Easy Magazine, UK, January, 2003
Digital Photography Made Easy Magazine, UK
CNET's Top 100 Products of 2002
PhotoImpact 8 Named "Best Consumer Image-Editing Software"

"PhotoImpact has a rep: it's widely acknowledged to be a powerful, yet playful, image-editing app. However, there are a ton of image editors available and it faced stiff competition to be labeled number one. Version 8.0 wins the honor, since it comes with a cadre of useful tools for digital photography buffs. And, if you want to explore Web graphics, you won't have to get another app, because PhotoImpact's got that covered as well."

CNET, December 2002
CNET's Top 100 Products of 2002
PC Photo Magazine
PhotoImpact 8 receives Editor’s Choice

“Combining differently exposed shots of the same scene to expand the dynamic range of the final image is an exciting aspect of PhotoImpact 8 software.”
Read the entire review
PC Photo Magazine, December 2002
PC Photo Magazine
CNET Editor's Choice Award
"Among midlevel image-editing programs, including Adobe Photoshop Elements and Jasc Paint Shop Pro, PhotoImpact takes the prize for offering the widest range of features. This program's sheer versatility, healthy dose of fun, and inspiring tools are just the ticket for small businesses, individual artists, and digital-photo enthusiasts. Overall, Ulead's jack-of-all-trades is top-notch."
CNET, October 29, 2002
CNET Editor's Choice Award - 4.5 Stars out of 5
"Few image editors allow the complete novice to quickly achieve polished-looking results as easily as PhotoImpact does. Even fewer provide such a complete set of tools and features at a price below $100. All in all, PhotoImpact provides an unparalleled blend of flexibility and ease of use, making it the best value photo editor for Windows.", October 2002

*Reviews, awards and ratings cited are of earlier versions of PhotoImpact.

System Requirements

To use Photo Impact Pro, you'll need:

  • Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10
  • Pentium II Compatible Processor or faster
  • 64 MB RAM
  • DVD-ROM Drive
  • Recordable or Rewritable CD Drive required to burn CD Slideshows
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