About Nova Development

Founded in 1984, Nova Development is a leading developer and publisher of consumer software products for Windows and Macintosh platforms. An unwavering commitment to imaginative software programs and the rich content included with them has put Nova Development in the leading market share position in more than a dozen software categories.

As part of the Avanquest Group, Nova Development is among the largest publishers in the United States of software products geared exclusively to consumers and small businesses and has a history of providing new technologies that consistently expand the uses of desktop computers for a wide variety of users.

Our Mission and Core Values

At Nova Development our mission is to be the leading publisher of quality productivity software.

In order to achieve these goals, we have committed ourselves to a set of six core values that define the fundamental spirit and philosophy of the company and that underscore our sense of responsibility both to our partners and to end using consumers.

Quality: Nova Development is committed to developing and publishing the highest quality software products in their classes. We are not only consumed with product quality but are devoted to providing quality through knowledgeable and punctual service, both within the organization and to our customers.

Value: We publish software products that consistently exceed the expectations of their consumers. We do so by offering valuable features and content that exceed competitive standards and assure reliable, extended use. Our team members are devoted to providing value in all areas of the organization, and our reseller customers see us as valuable partners in aiding them to build their own businesses.

Innovation: We are industry leaders in the development of unique and imaginative software solutions. Our innovation extends to packaging and other communication with a determination to ensure that they are as imaginative as the software products which they describe.

Integrity: Nova Development is committed to ethics and honesty in all of our relationships and business dealings. We are respectful towards both customers and suppliers, respect intellectual property and hold ourselves to the industry’s highest moral standards.

Vision: We are market-driven. That means that we develop products that meet definitive market needs and seize known market opportunities. We believe that meeting expectations requires that we clearly and completely communicate our vision to others. This dictates extensive planning, whether we are developing a product, a marketing campaign or a new internal system.

Growth: Nova Development has defied industry trends by growing revenue virtually every year for two decades. Our growth is the product of both detail orientation and challenge. We value detailed data as a means of finding and exploiting opportunities. And we continually challenge ourselves to expand our abilities and our contributions. We believe that the company’s growth and the growth and professional development of our team members are tightly intertwined, and we celebrate growth and individual victories with gratitude.

Product Line

Our product line features...

Publishing Products
Nova is the no. 1 publisher of home graphics software products with titles ranging from the full-featured Print Artist Platinum to products like Scrapbook Factory Deluxe that provide specialized tools and content for personalized creative projects.

Digital Imaging Products
Nova has been the no. 1 publisher of consumer photo editing software for more than five years. Our Photo Explosion software provides complete photo organizing, editing and sharing features in a single easy-to-use application.

Home Design Products
Take a fresh approach to the way you live with Nova’s Virtual Architect line of home design software. This innovation in home design software delivers the powerful tools and inspiration you need to transform your living space, plus expert help to get the job done right.



Since 1984, Nova has been headquartered in Calabasas, a community 10 miles inland from Malibu along Southern California's scenic Highway 101.

23801 Calabasas Road, Calabasas, CA USA 91302-1547

Phone: 818-591-9600

Marketing and Sales

Nova Development products are available through major retail chains throughout the United States and Canada, including computer, software specialty, consumer electronics and office supply stores and through premier etailers and mail order catalogs. Through a network of authorized distributors, Nova products are also available in all major markets internationally, in English and primary foreign languages.

In addition to its commitment to unique advertising and promotion, Nova's reputation for imaginative packaging is known industry-wide. Rich design and revolutionary package construction have made Nova products "state of the shelf" and earned the company numerous awards.

Business Development

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