Use of Product Images

Unfortunately, given the volume of permissions questions we receive and the very specific nature of many of these questions, we are unable to provide opinions to end users as to whether a particular use of a Nova image is in compliance with our end user license agreement.*

If you are uncertain as to whether your intended use is in compliance with the guidelines of your product's end user license agreement, we recommend that you seek the advice of your own attorney or legal counsel.

If you are concerned that your intended use is not in compliance with those guidelines, or have been advised so by your attorney, you may certainly return the product you have purchased, together with your original store receipt. We'll be happy to provide a refund.
Thank you for your understanding.

The End User License Agreement for the following products only can be found below:

Art Explosion 40,000
Art Explosion 125,000
Art Explosion 150,000
Art Explosion 200,000
Art Explosion 250,000
Art Explosion 300,000
Art Explosion 525,000
Art Explosion 600,000
Art Explosion 750,000
Art Explosion 800,000
Art Explosion Seasons, Events & Holidays
Art Explosion 10,000
Art Explosion Holiday Clip Art
Art Explosion Religious Clip Art
Art Mania 10,000

* The end user license agreement can be found on the first page of your manual.