Nickelodeon™ Super Game Pack

Explore, Play and Learn with Nick’s 3-in-1 Super Game Pack

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Nickelodeon™ Super Game Pack

Your kids will enjoy their favorite TV friends from Blue’s Clues, The Backyardigans, Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go! and more with …

• 3 Great Games in 1  - Nickelodeon’s Find Blue’s Baby Brother, Mission to Mars and Bingo
• 3 Fun Ways to Educate and Entertain
• Essential Preschool SkillsLanguage, Science, Math, Memory Skills, Creativity and More

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Designed specifically for ages 2-5, Nickelodeon’s Super Game Pack includes 3 exciting games – Blue’s Clues™: Meet Blue’s Baby Brother, The Backyardigans™: Mission to Mars and Nickelodeon™ Bingo in one easy-to-use, complete set!

With interactive games spread across 4 different levels, join Blue’s Clue’s Blue and Joe as they explore Puppyville, looking for Blue’s baby brother! Travel to fun and exciting places like Alphabet City, Color Town, Shape Forrest and the Number Kingdom, collecting Gold Clues all while discovering the world of letters, numbers, colors, shapes and more at the same time!

From the popular animated children’s series, The Backyardigans, comes 10 interactive activities to introduce your preschooler to the world of space, memory, music and more! There’s a strange transmission from Mars, and you’ll get to join Commander Uniqua and her Shuttle Crew on their mission to discover what’s behind it! Be the pilot, enter launch codes, navigate through space, collect energy crystals, and build space bridges in this out-of-this-world adventure game!

With 3 different levels and 3 different game types, everyone can play Bingo with their Nickelodeon friends! Join Dora, Diego and so many more as they learn about numbers, letters, shapes and colors, win tickets for cool Virtual Prizes and keep an eye out for fun, surprise Mini Games. Before you know it, the whole family will be shouting – BINGO!

Master Preschool Skills Back to the top

Nickelodeon Super Game Pack includes fun and exciting ways for your preschooler to learn about:

• Early Math Concepts:
Numbers, counting, shapes, reasoning and math terms

• Basic Science Concepts:
Geology, charts, navigation and more

• Language Skills:
Listening, reading and writing

• Creative Skills:
Imagination, discovery and curiosity

• Conflict Resolution:
Self-esteem, relationships and more

• Problem Solving:
Puzzle solving, mental imagery and memory skills

Blue’s Clues™: Meet Blue’s Baby Brother

Select shapes to build a sailboat!



Is Blue’s baby brother in Color Town?

Color Town


Find out how many gems you need to open the Castle door!



The Backyardigans™: Mission to Mars

Find the little Martian!



Chart a course to Mars!



Help Commander Austin organize supplies!



Nickelodeon™ Bingo

Learn numbers, letters, shapes and colors at any skill level! 



Play to win tickets for virtual prizes!



Surprise mini games along the way!

Mini Games

System Requirements
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  • 512 MB RAM
  • CD-ROM Drive
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